Garden Bench


RM designed and built this lovely wooden garden bench for our weedy, slightly overgrown garden oasis located out back of our home on Ashland.  I love to sit out there in the early morning dew with a cup of hot joe and watch the mockingbird and Cat battle out their own rendition of the Territorial Imperative.   The iron sides to the bench were repurposed from a rotted out bench that resided for many years in its hiding place under the four red tip photinias raging a friendly battle with the aggressive green ivy invasion climbing up and out from the garden fence wall. This new version, dedicated to our 30 years of marriage, sits proudly outside the Marshall Arts Wood Shop ready to greet a guest to the quiet comforting solitude of this vibrant urban green space.  Below is a poem that I stumbled across…not sure who is the author but I liked it very much.  Anytime you feel the “need to weed”…the back gate is open!

cute cat 003

Cat on patrol

Come sit with me on my garden bench
We’ll sit and talk awhile
It cradles us with loving arms
At the end of our peaceful walk

It listened to my hopes and dreams
Heard each and every fear
Allowed me to yell and scream
As it felt my every tear

In the shadow of an old oak tree
It waits silently each day
For some tired soul to come and visit
As together they will pray

This old bench has gently held
So many a happy heart
It also held some hurting souls
But comfort it does impart

Its’ comfort is so soothing
Nothing does it ask
So let it hold you gently
For it knows its humble task

Don’t pass by my old garden bench
Allow it to beckon to your soul
As you listen to nature’s tune
Your heart it will consol

IMG_0444 (2)


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