Baby Monogram for a Nursery Near You

Renaissance Man and our expectant next door neighbor put their design ideas together to create this wooden monogram to hang in the baby’s room for this welcomed, soon-to-arrive, new addition to Ashland.  The monogram will hang over the crib as a personalized decorative touch to a newly painted nursery.  RM laminated plywood together to build the depth of the monogram — the “P” was kind of tricky.  Notice the separate piece for center of the “P”?  It was appreciated by the guests at yesterday’s baby shower so these may start catching on all over the fort.

Most of us have heard about the need to encourage students to pursue an education involving STEM.  Standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  The need for these technical skills in our economy is great  But a new educationese acronym is popping up in the research and it is called STEAM…adding Arts to the mix.  I couldn’t agree more about the importance of arts after the experience of raising three very creative young women and living with my mate — an engineer and artist.  Everyone should have an artistic passion.  C1 likes to paint,  knit and enjoys designing websites, brochures and other communiques.  C2 is a wonderful dancer and an excellent budding writer.  C3 is a baker and has an eye for jewelry making and good design.  Think about the people you like to surround yourself with…don’t you appreciate having friends that can play a musical instrument?  prepare a pastry?  illustrate a story?  snap a perfect picture? design a brochure?  dance well at parties? sing a song? or play charades with a flourish? No wonder we enjoy Pinterest so much as it fuels this outlet for creativity to occur.   Dedicate some time today to nourishing your creative side – create on!



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