Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Several months ago we made the difficult decision to replace the old windows in our little cottage with new energy-efficient windows.  We have lived here for 25 years and cherished the vintage look of the old wooden windows but each year our energy costs kept soaring higher and higher.  So as not to forget the history of the house, Renaissance Man and I saved the small nine-pane wooden window that greeted us each and every day at the front entrance to our home.  It is now re-purposed in our back yard as a garden mirror.

RM cleaned it up a bit but left the charming patina finishes, put a piece of mirror in the frame and hung it in a prominent location on the back fence so the sun will reflect of it and enhance this private space.  I am able to see the old window from my favorite spot in the sun room and when I catch a glance at it… it beckons me down memory lane as I think of all the families, including my own,  that have enjoyed living in this old house, on this special street, for so many years. Cheers to old neighborhoods and old houses and to making the old, new again.



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