Recycle Your CD Jewel Case Inserts and Booklets

Recycle Your CD Jewel Case Inserts and Booklets

We enjoy listening to music out on our screen porch on Ashland but the CD’s get the worse for wear out in the elements including exposure to raindrops, pollutants and mother nature.  Last Saturday, I cleaned each musical disc by dipping each one carefully in Windex and water solution and then drying them with a lint free rag and leaving them to air dry for a day or two.  It worked great and we are again enjoying our music collection (skip free). This time I vow to not leave them out on the porch — maybe all over the house but not outside at least!  The jewel cases and the paper inserts however did not fair as well.  Many were cracked and the paper dirty and in a pretty bad way but the artwork did hold some sentimental value.  Below is a quick project to recycle the artwork showcasing some of your favorite titles and artists.

IMG_0624 (1)

Above are the booklets before I cut off the front cover.  Save the insides as there are other pages that could be used as well for this project or other future ideas.

IMG_0623 (1)

RM cut some plywood pieces the same dimension as the artwork.


Lightly paint on Mod Podge — I use a foam brush. Then apply the artwork on top and press down firmly.

IMG_0628 (1)

If you get bumps, use a roller like this one and add a little water to help press out all the air pockets.  As you can see, my artwork is not perfect but it looks very vintage when finished.


I coated the surface lightly with three coats of Mod Podge, allowing to dry well after each application.  I applied a light coat of acrylic spray sealer at the end since these are coasters (yes, coasters!) and they will need to stand up to water.

You have to trust me that they turned out cute.  I forgot to get a final picture in my haste to depart to Tulsa.  I gave them as a gift to C2  for her apartment at college.  Do college students use coasters?  Maybe they will use these!