The surprise is the best part

This week was full of surprises at work which I love.  That is why I cherish writing grants so much. It is the perfect fit for my quirky personality. Finding funding for school needs is like that wonderful Christmas morning feeling but in writing grants we never know when it will be Christmas morning again. We work diligently to complete all of the required grant information for a proposal (often more than 100 pages of documentation) including extensive narratives, budgets, evaluation plans, management plans, assurances, layouts, detail reports, outcome measures and targets, needs analysis, resumes, letters of support, and more (you get the idea of the resiliency required?) in a limited and non-negotiable time frame.  We submit the proposal and wait (nothing better than hitting the submit button).  Then we wait and become quickly distracted onto the next pressing project and need.  It can be 3,4,5 or more months before we hear back from a potential funder about our important request for Fort Worth ISD students.  And then when we are least expecting it because our minds are now filled with our latest proposal, we get an email, a letter, a call with the answer.  If it is good news the communication begins…”We are contacting you to let you know that we have approved your proposal for…”  If it is not so good news, the communique reads …”We regret to inform you…”  More often than not (at least 75% award rate) we get the joy of receiving the good news that yet another project in the Fort Worth ISD will be funded.  Like I said…that special Christmas morning feeling each and every time.  Thank you to Target and Laura Bush Foundation for giving all of us that feeling this week.  I wonder what package is waiting to be opened next week?

If you want to learn about grant opportunities, follow us on Facebook at  Fort Worth ISD Grant Writers or stop by our offices on the second floor of the administration building.


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