up close with the streets of London

RM and I are touring London primarily by foot as we like to experience all a city has to offer up close and personal. We learn a lot about a place by closely examining the shop windows, over-hearing snatches of conversation as we walk by a door to a store front or by another on foot, glimpses down mews and alleys that share intimate views of day to day lives, as well as surprising vistas that appear when we turn a corner and discover the Thames or an architectural wonder before us. We also see cast-offs of broken umbrellas, extreme numbers of spent coffee cups, and of course…beer and wine bottles under foot after the jubilee of the New Year. Did I hear “cheers”? I did, many times over the last few days. Londoners are extremely polite and are very friendly to us both. They ask where we are from and seem to want to be sure we are having a good time. I sat next to a nice lady at the Theatre Royal and she was anxious to share with me about her favorite London spots including a detailed description of a Kensington rooftop garden with flamingos. RM has gained knowledge about Real Ale (craft beer) from the pub staff and we stood for several hours in the rain in the midst of many friendly Brits as we rang in the New Year. They shared their Champagne with us and we sang Auld Lang Syne together in perfect harmony. When I slipped on a patch of greasy pavement and landed hard, the first words I heard were the authentic concerns expressed by a nearby British gentlemen. Two more days of exploration in front of us and hope my worn boots, tired legs and feet can get me there. Happy travels.


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