Stylish Stud Earrings DIY

Stylish Stud Earrings DIY

Crafting is therapeutic. I love to create things.  Are we not all born with the desire to create something? Crafting creates connections with others.  Crafting can be frustrating and tries our patience, tests our resiliency,  requires problem-solving skills (these DIYs never go like they should from the pictures) and practice with lesser used tactile skills.  I have always enjoyed crafting but now that I am an empty nester, I have more time to enjoy the process.  There is no rush or time restrictions as I dabble with jewelry making, paper crafting, cake decorating and more.

Here is my design for stylish stud earrings.  You will need a package of studs.  I liked the ones from Amazon called cone spike nail heads.  You will also need the posts and safety backs in gold to match found at where else?  Amazon. 

I used chipboard (a heavy cardboard) and gorilla glue to adhere everything together. You will also need a push-pin, utility knife and needle nose pliers.

Cut out the chipboard using a utility knife to fit snugly in the back of the stud.  Use a push-pin to make a small hole to push the back post through.  Use super glue to glue the chipboard to the back.

Using the needle nose pliers, gently bend the triangles down to hold the back to the stud. Add a safety back and you are done. Below are the finished pairs. Wear them proudly like the stud you are!