Until we meet again or hasta mañana baby.

Until we meet again or hasta mañana baby.

I am leaving my role at Fort Worth Independent School District at the end of the month. This was planned for over two years as I exit on my 59th birthday (the same age my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer) and 10 years after myself surviving breast cancer, twice.

RM, my husband for nearly four decades, had a major medical event this last year, which propelled me even further toward this decision. And then the pandemic hit and after returning from Spain rather chaotically, through O’Hare, god forbid, over Spring Break, I was like, how many more signs must be aligned before you decide you must allow the running of a major industrial compound to others?

These are just some of the amazing FWISD grant leaders

I love to work, I love to roll up my sleeves and give it my all. I love the writing process and learning about new ideas, thoughts and ways of making things better. I love trying to figure out how to make things work. Really work. For real people. For us.


I want to write for myself. Maybe a novel? I want to grow gigantic crops of tomatoes, beans and herbs. I want to feed my loved ones including my family, friends and community. I will volunteer to read with children and other important nonprofit work. My mother was a social worker, my father an educator. I was programmed from an early age to give back.

I hope to travel to see my immediate family to reconnect to my roots and understand the person I am now, growing more from the experiences we shared together. From family dinners, to play, to artistic expression to love of nature – they encapsulate us.

To my work family, you are precious to me but it is time to open up the gate and let you run as I know you are so ready, like race horses at the gate for the opportunity to lead and to take the CARE funds coming to our area and schools to support our families to grow and become even more vital citizens to our community. We know many of you are without food and necessities and need support.

Here we are, every day working to make dreams come true.

Lead with compassion and patience but also with your eyes looking out for the underdog. We were once them. Grant writers love the underdog, we love something attainable but also a bit scruffy and we love winning when the odds are stacked against us. So get to work, let’s score some grants for the Fort Worth community.

You will find me in the garden behind our little adobe on Ashland. Thanks for so many great friendships and wonderful memories. You are sincerely…All The Best.




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