Five Things I Love

Five Things I Love

I am traveling to Spain over Spring Break. I am absorbing all travel blogs about Barcelona. While doing so, I stumbled across this travel website called Roads and Kingdoms which is a virtual space to find great tips to take the exploration of your next destination to higher and hopefully less touristy levels.  Did you know that Barcelona hosts over 600 cruise ships a year in her harbor?  The guides are super helpful to organize your itinerary around the crowds and long lines.  My tip is to always arrive first thing in the morning to a popular attraction because big groups usually arrive 1-2 hours after the opening.

I discovered podcasts recently.  Yes, I live under a rock.  Actually, I live in a house on Ashland but somehow I never clicked on a podcast app until this holiday season.  Check out Milk Street or A Beautiful Mess for fun conversation about food, travel, DIY, and life.  I like the programs  when they run less than 20 minutes.  Longer than that and I find my mind drifting off topic.  I like Stitcher to catalog my favorite podcasts and the app works better than others I tried when I first starting listening to podcasts.

veggies andresThis cookbook, Vegetables Unleashed, is so great.  Lots of unique recipes, stories of Jose’s borderless adventures and photography.  It’s an awesome addition to my cookbook collection.  I especially love the sauce and dressing recipes he shares including miso dressing and his tomato sauce (so much garlic and olive oil).  I am training my palate for Barcelona.  Last night we tried the caper mayonnaise on roasted broccoli — divine!

Kate Spade handbags are some of my favorites.  If you sign up with your email, you receive alerts for big sales.  Don’t tell RM I signed up for more alerts because they drive him crazy on our home, shared email. Right now there is a big new year sale with code H12020.  I bought two bags for less than $100.  The bags are durable and fit into my sense of fashion. Kate Spade bags

I also bought this Cross Body  bag to take to Barcelona because it has locks and is pick-pocket-proof.  Say that three times fast. We’ll get to test the stealth of this bag in just a few weeks!

Hope your new year is off to a great start and you’re living your best life.