Deep Thoughts from Red Dirt Girl

Deep Thoughts from Red Dirt Girl

img_0053Try something you are not good at.  Belly dancing?  Water skiing?  Learn a new language? Take a little risk to get your heart pumping.  I recently tried snorkeling and it was overwhelming at first but then I felt so accomplished with I found my very novice groove.

Find self-compassion.  Treat yourself with kindness.  You won’t lose your edge or become weak. Treat yourself as good as you treat your loved ones.

Get organized.  Out of gaining order comes inner calm.  You will feel less stress.

Build resilience by building inner strengths.  Try meditation and gratitude journaling to build your internal resources. Take long walks and observe what you see.

Make a come back from a challenge by rallying your family and friends around you.  Use the power of positive mindset.  You can’t change the situation you are in, just how you approach the challenge.

Learn about playful intelligence – humor is linked to resiliency.  Use playfulness and humor to see the lighter side of life. Seriously, have a long belly laugh that could be on the verge of hysteria at this time of year.

Build friendships — you have to work on them.  So connect with a friend you have missed recently.  Invite them to take a walk or meet for breakfast.  Online friendships are not the same as person to person contact.

Check out podcasts like Live Happy Now to learn how to be the best YOU.  Happy Holidays and thanks for reading along. Let’s get this new decade started.