In gentle ways, you can find peace of mind.

In gentle ways, you can find peace of mind.

Discombobulated comes to mind.  The feeling I have now about the world.  To find solace is my mission these days, especially as we are on the cusp of the holiday season.  So what gives me peace of mind lately?

  1. I learned to make sourdough bread from a professional baker.  The process is exacting but a relief for my busy mind as it focuses and settles in on each and every step.  It is also very tactile (sticky, doughy hands, my friends).  It feeds my creative soul and lowers my blood pressure. Follow The Table on FB to learn about upcoming bread classes.
  2. Listening to podcasts is also a source of calmness if you pick the right ones.  I recently listened to Dolly Parton’s America and found peace in knowing there are wonderful people like Dolly doing their part to make the world a nicer place to live.  Listening to her sing 9 to 5 lifts my spirit every time.
  3. Gardening even in the winter months gets me outside of my own head, pulling weeds, tilling a new garden bed, and researching plants for the next growing season.  This year, we put in blackberry canes and they now thickly cover our backyard fence.  In a month or so, we will need to cut the canes back to 18 inches so that hopefully next summer we will get a few berries as the canes grow again.  Gardening is about nurturing both the plants and our spirit over time.
  4. Yoga is an integral part of our lives.  I learned to breathe late in life and oxygen is truly a miracle drug.  Namaste.
  5. Petting my daughter’s dog, Boo.

I am so blessed to have RM by my side, our children all healthy and working in purposeful jobs, and that on Ashland there is peace, joy and happiness.  I wish the same for all the children of the world. But I know it is not true. If able, please consider a donation to a nonprofit trying to make a positive impact in a discombobulated world.



Five Things I Love

Five Things I Love

This finishing salt will elevate your cooking. Maldon Salt Flakes.  Try it on top of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or on your next grilled sourdough bread.  You need a nice salt cellar to showcase this product.  If so, contact RM at Laser & Lathe for some affordable but lasting options for gift giving this holiday season.  Yes, thankfully RM is back in the shop.

salt cellar
Salt Cellar – engraving optional.  Rates start at $40.

This office desk on wheels is so versatile, sturdy but easy to move around in whatever configuration you need.  And only $99.   It is also open at the bottom so it lightens up the feel of my office compared to those stodgy conventional desks.  I ordered it for work and it changed the entire feel of my office.  Add a nice rug and chairs and start a productive conversation.  deask

Label Makers help to keep me organized at home both in the craft room and in the kitchen.  If you batch cook, the labels help so much in noting details especially about food allergies and preference (DF, GF, KETO).  You can repurpose your food containers without crossing through prior notes or throwing it away prematurely.

I love candles and the ones at Trader Joes are so affordable at $3.99.  In October, they offered a vanilla pumpkin scented candle that I hope they carry over into November.  See this link for details….TJ Blog



Tulum for Thanksgiving

Tulum for Thanksgiving

We are flying to Cancun, Mexico, and then driving south by car for a little over an hour to Tulum for a beachy Thanksgiving holiday.  We are staying in a house rented through AirBnB which has a full kitchen, outdoor pool and grill as well as three bedrooms and three baths to meet the needs of our adult family.  We are also renting an SUV and driving from the airport and to some of our destinations in the area which will be a first for us in Mexico.  We can do it. Yes, we can.

Our must do’s include:

Tulum Ruins and Beach which opens 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily – travel recommendations are to wear a hat, bring a water bottle, and wear a bathing suit underneath. $5 per person.  The Tulum ruins are from a Mayan fortress probably built around 564 A.D. with over 1,000 residents living there at its peak occupancy.  Tips to seeing the site include:

  • Arrive at the ruins 15 minutes before they open at 8am to beat the horde of tourist buses that show up around 10am.
  • Ignore the ticket/information booths near the parking lot. Simply walk down the road about half a mile until you reach the real entrance, and buy your tickets there.
  • Remember to bring our bathing suit if we want to swim or sunbathe on the beach at the base of the cliffs. The beach opens around 10am.

After leaving the ruins, drive down the road along the Beach/Hotel Zone and enter at Playa Paraiso.  We should park here and walk down to beach, lunch at one of the many restaurants.  Tacos al pastor are a speciality.

Next day, drive to Gran Cenote.  We need to bring snorkel gear, pack a lunch and snacks, along with bottled water and be sure to wear water shoes and bring a change of clothes.  Anyone have a GoPro?

What is a cenote? A cenote (pronounced seh-no-tay) is a naturally occurring sinkhole caused by the collapse of the surrounding limestone. When this phenomenon happens, it exposes groundwater, creating a natural pool. The water in cenotes is very cold.


Day 3:  Hang out at the pool, bike to beach and do a little shopping.  Be sure to stop by IK Lab Art Gallery before driving to Hartwood for a dinner in the jungle.  This restaurant is off the grid, powered by kerosene lanterns and wood fire for cooking.  Specialities are fish from the sea, pork ribs and all local fruits and veggies.  The foodie in me, can’t wait for our culminating dinner.   See link to restaurant review below.

Hartwood NY Times Review

So thankful and blessed.  Happy Thanksgiving to you.