Showing Up

Showing Up

Eighty percent of life is showing up. I am not sure who said that first but I am a big believer in the statement.  Just doing the work, is its greatest feat. Even on the days you don’t feel like it, showing up can make all the difference. Intention is great, and inspiration is great, but if you’re not there for it, not doing the work for it, you have nothing to show but ideas and aspirations.

In the past, my daughters would come to me with an opportunity for a scholarship or an internship and doubt themselves if they should apply.  They would ask, “aren’t there  better qualified people than me for the opportunity?”  The answer is probably “yes” but you won’t know until you try.  And who knows, maybe you will be the only one to put in your application or one of just a few who took the time and the effort.  So try they have over the years to mostly successful results. And when not, at least they knew they tried.

C3 setting expectations to show up in her math class

Recently a friend was excited about her daughter’s news that she was selected for a school option by a competitive lottery.  She was told at an open house that she shouldn’t bother to select this school because it was so popular with a growing wait list and her daughter wouldn’t get in.  My friend shared these comments with me and we both agreed that was bad advice to follow.  My friend worked with her daughter to complete the rather challenging paperwork including an essay and submitted it by the deadline (always make the deadline). Guess what?  Her daughter was accepted to the school.  And if she hadn’t at least tried to apply, the experience of completing the paperwork, participating in interviews and opening the acceptance letter are ones that this young lady would never have the both the discipline and the joy of experiencing.

My number one rule for living my life well?  Show up.  And if you don’t meet all your new year’s resolutions or you have already messed up on a few, start again tomorrow. I guess my other rule for a happy life is to just start over.  We all deserve a few do-overs.

Showing up also means supporting others in your community. Attend the performances of others, purchase the handmade goods of people you respect, and read articles by people who write the way you want to write. If you expect people to show up for you, you need to show up for them.

We showed up for the total eclipse

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