Furikake Rice Seasoning

Furikake Rice Seasoning

I discovered furikake seasoning when reading a blog by Sean Brock, chef of several great restaurants located in the low-country of South Carolina.  I like his cooking because he is all about the vinegar,  bbq sauces, and other secret ingredients from the pantry.

Furikake is a savory and salty seasoning used in Japanese cuisine for sprinkling on rice.  The main ingredients in a good furikake is dried fish, seaweed and the ALL important toasted sesame seeds which combined emote a sublime salty and umami flavor.

I order my supply of furikake from Furikake Rice Seasoning

Recently, I sprinkled some of this seasoning on my avocado toast along with a splash of soy sauce and srirachi and it took it to new heights.  You can sprinkle furikake on salads, soups and of course on steamed rice.  I  also say out loud furikake, three times fast in a row,  and amaze RM with my japanese vocabulary.








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