Pumpkin Jam

Pumpkin Jam

img_1164When C3 and I vacationed in Boston this summer, we scoped out a restaurant in Cambridge called Sofra Bakery and Cafe,  Our dirty little secret is to  someday co-create a coffee/bakery concept. When we travel to explore new places, we look for  bakeries, cafes and bistros to steal ideas and recipes from for our little fantasy bake shop.

Sofra is a turkish word meaning picnic, a special table preparation of food, or a small kilim rug for eating. At Sofra, they serve aromatic turkish coffee and chai along with a wide variety of middle eastern inspired breads, meze, shawarmas, savory pies and persian spiced donuts.

So, this week-end, when everything is pumpkin-inspired for the autumnal season that refuses to come to Texas,  I attempted to copy Sofra’s pumpkin jam recipe.  I had two smaller sugar or pie pumpkins left from Halloween that I cut up and roasted and then pureed in the food processor before combining with sugar and spices.  Here is the link to the recipe Sofra’s pumpkin jam

This recipe makes enough for gifts for the holidays.  I hanker for a special pairing with soft dinner rolls for Thanksgiving dinner.  I added a pinch of mace to the recipe which I think made it even better.  The aroma alone of the jam is worth the toil of cutting up the pumpkin.

This jam is extra rich and exotic. So, pumpkin jam, is definitely on the menu for our daydream bakery.


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