Jute Flower Pot

Jute Flower Pot

Stymied by a steady, cold rain this week-end barring the garden gate to our Mom and Daughter grass seeding and sod project,  C3 and I audibled for crafts and wine while we waited for the Kansas April showers to rumble through.

We played a lot of frisbee with Scout too.

We drove through torrents of rain to the Depot for sod in case the weather cleared and we also picked up a cheap plastic hanging pot, potting soil and jute twine.  All females in my brood have glue guns but you will need one for this project.  All Texans pack glue guns.

This craft is perfect for two.  One to operate the glue gun and adhere the twine and another to turn the pot. Just check to be sure the twine is lining up close and there aren’t a lot of gaps. We wrapped the plastic hanging basket wires too for that extra something something.

Thank goodness the sun finally peeked out so we could get outside and enjoy nature, seeding and sodding a lawn and planting spring flowers, pole beans and finding the perfect spot for our DIY jute pot.


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