Two Thousand Miles

Two Thousand Miles

Who doesn’t like a road trip?  RM and I take to the road quite often. So often that some of you comment on if we have real jobs.  We do work full time but traveling is a priority for us (ok, my priority but RM is a good sport) so we sneak it in during holidays, weekends and other times due to generous vacation benefits from our employers.

This week we traveled over two thousand miles from our home in the Fort through Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with C2 outside of Chicago with family and back again (back through Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and OK) with several stops to see friends and family along the way.

My observations:

  • A casino is located every 70 miles on our route.  Some more grand than others.  What’s up with this phenomenon?
  • In USA, bigger is better.  Largest candy store, biggest truck stop and largest tractor demonstration site. Big is best and we loved it all.
  • Midwesterners love their white bread.  Served with all meals.  What is this thing called gluten free?
  • Our small towns are our treasures. 
  • Fall foliage always delights.
  • Travel the heartland and witness the breadbasket in production from plowing, to burning to thrashing. All to feed us and a lot of the world.
  • Some scenic views are more scenic than others.  Choose wisely, grasshopper.
  • Make time for family and friends.  We need each other. 
  • All turkey trots are an amazing affirmation of the successful propagation of the human race.  So many cute kids. Traditions matter. And it helps to counterbalance the caloric intake.

As I travel, I always sample the food culture. 

This trip, we tried Italian beef sandwiches with peppers-dipped in gravy, bean soup with white bread, Brussel sprout pizza, and Boulevard beer.

We are on our last leg of our journey as I write this blog.  Only 500 miles to go.  Safe travels friends. And Happy Thanksgiving, so thankful.


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