Happy Birthday, Michael

Happy Birthday, Michael

It’s your birthday!  Hope your day is grand and sorry I won’t be there to celebrate with you, in Alabama,  but wanted to tell you how much I love you.  You may not know this but I always compared the boys I dated … to you.  Were they kind?  Were they thoughtful? Did they look like Mark Spitz like you do?

Seriously, though, your virtues are ones to admire.  You are patient, you are thoughtful, you grow great vegetables, you are wise, you take care of family business like a champ, and you like to drink peppermint tea and wear a Henley-style cotton night-shirt to bed every night. How sweet is that?  You love your wife and children and put them first in all you do.

We are family.  You understand why we I can’t tolerate wearing turtlenecks because you can’t either, you like tuna melts, and remember dinners of pink bunny or chipped dried beef (do they make that crap, anymore?) over toast. Good god, no wonder in our later years we have to watch our cholesterol intake.  Hard to believe you are a grandpa and living the life of a retired, gentlemen farmer along the Tennessee River now.  Thank you for being my big brother, so much older than I, and Happy Birthday and many more.  Can’t wait to age gracefully, and healthfully, together with you.


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