Ode to Kansas Days

Ode to Kansas Days



I did my usual morning walk, listening to Spotify, this time to a playlist called Country Coffeehouse.  The music inspired me to try to write an ode. Since I am stuck at home today, meeting various repair and service companies, I thought I would try crafting one about my younger years growing up in Kansas.  Here is my first draft.  Any musician friends out there are welcome to take the lyrics and turn the ode into a song.


Drive the two-lane road from my hometown

Pass the s-curve, signaling left at the old fairgrounds

This stretch of road changes too many lives

Cuts them short, going way too fast, a few precious ones, who survives?

Too much speed, too little time, one less life in these parts now


Cruise the square, round and round, until your head spins

Sip on Coors Lite until the cops tell us to leave or they will take us in

Head to a house on the bricks not far from the school

Toss balls at a hoop daring ourselves to break the rules

Chorus Repeat


Finish school, get a summer job counting hospital beds for the State

Go on a couple of dates, stay out catching softballs far too late

Tell Mom and Dad we are doing fine

Wondering how it will be when we leave past the hometown sign 

Chorus Repeat 


Pack our bags, fill the trunk, blink through the tears, and catch the road

Ellsworth Hall is on the hill, my 6th Floor room is my now, new abode

Walk the hills, meet the Profs, and jump to reggae on old Mass Street

Study hard, make the grades, meet the boy and he talks sweet

 Chorus Repeat



Tie the knot, in a church in downtown Lawrence, on a cold-hearted night

Drive out west, to greet the sun, to make us right

Two young souls, bound for the coast

Never to return to the vast wheat fields, the starry nights, or the quiet sounds we miss the most

 Chorus Repeat






2 thoughts on “Ode to Kansas Days

  1. I remember when time seemed to stand still, especially in the summer. Thank you for the reminder about days gone by.

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