People Watching

People Watching

I came from a long line of people watchers.  The most notorious was my mother.  She was wife to a coach of high school football, basketball, gymnastics and track in the 1960’s and 70’s.  My mother worked outside the home, commuted 30 miles daily, but still attended my father’s games whenever she was needed.  She wasn’t a big fan of athletics.  So, she often brought a novel along or spent her time observing the crowd and making observations about people, most often to me who sat beside her at these events.

My daily routine is to get up early in the morning and walk up to the middle school track. I workout and observe people.  My daughters would say I stare at people.  Today was no different.  I want to thank the tax payer for the beautiful track we have at our local middle school and so many people use this gift every single day for their daily exercise. Today, at the track, I did my routine and observed:

  • Miss Lanky and Lass
  • Mr. Sweaty Back
  • Sir Preying Mantis
  • Ms. Fast Walker
  • Two Friends Who Talk, a lot
  • Mr. Man Who Walks Backward
  • Mr. Speedy
  • Women Who Walks But Gets No Where
  • Lady Who is Too Observant

I jog and observe people and make up names for them.  When RM and I are at parties where we don’t know anyone, we do the same game.  But we take it even further.  We make up names and then we assign occupations and lifestyles to them as well.  We are weird like that.  It is how we roll.

To all the people watchers out there, be careful, because someone, most likely, is watching you too!  What name would you give yourself if playing the game?


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