Standing Up

Standing Up

Literally, I am standing up at my desk and writing this post about standing up.

Since sitting is now considered the new smoking, we are modifying our desks where I work with a new height-adjustable standing desks in order to be up out of their chairs, at least 2 more hours each day than in the past.  If we do this, we hope to gain improved health benefits of reduced risk of: obesity, metabolic problems associated with Type 2 Diabetes, risk of heart disease, risk of cancer and lower long-term mortality. A 2012 study published by the Smithsonian Institute found that if t
he average American reduced his or her sitting time to three hours per day, life expectancy would climb by two years.

Not everyone is totally sold on the standing desk idea and are concerned it it just fashionable and not proven good for our health.  For example, a lot of the research was conducted over a short period of time, like six months.

I think standing in moderation is the route to go.  And I don’t think it is for everyone especially with employees with joint problems.  Best to check with your doctor and get their input before rushing to join the growing trend.  We have some employees that prefer to sit on exercise balls or take hourly breaks to walk around the office floor to stretch their legs.  These are all great options to improve our overall wellness and remain productive.

The desk I received will lower so that I can sit as well as stand.  My goal is to split my time between standing and sitting each day.  I have a nice mat that came with the standing desk that provides some important “cush” under my feet.  I am also wearing practical shoes.  I love my Clarks.

So, literally, stand up at work, take walk breaks, keep moving, and get those creative work solutions happening on your team or in your group. So, my next grant proposal will be written, in part, by standing up.

standing up



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