vintage campingMy three grown daughters are going camping next week, not glamping, camping together, all the way from Texas to the Grand Canyon and back.  That is if we can get the truck that is pulling the trailer out of the shop in time.  Nobody, but me, seems concerned that the three most precious humans in the universe to me are loading up their camping gear in a repurposed cargo trailer with plans to cross the American southwest camping in rather isolated areas.  I don’t think they know what they are getting themselves into.  That is why they tell me they want to go.

This cargo trailer is pulled by a 2000 Ford 250 long-bed truck (I grant you the truck has very few miles on it considering its age; nearly as old as our youngest daughter) but it hasn’t been driven anywhere outside the metroplex in nearly two years.  While it has been extremely reliable in the past, recently it has begun to show its age.  Just like a few others I know.

Are we not expecting some kind of toil and trouble with this scenario?  I am NOT looking at my cell phone all next week.  If you want to get in touch with me, send a homing pigeon.

I’m pretty sure the trailer has an expired tag on it as of last night.  RM works miracles so maybe he can get this sad, hipster caravan in route west on Monday after an overhaul of some currently leaking truck parts with the help from our local mechanic, proper tags and licenses acquired from the county, and a couple of dad/daughter lessons on Father’s Day on how to back this long rig into camping spots (not just “pull through”). RM did equip the cargo trailer with all new tires (the old ones had rotted clear out) and installed all new indicator lights on the back.  The small a.c. in it is functioning, all the doors lock from inside, the floor is carpeted, there are built-ins intended for storing items during bumpy transport and there is a nice vent on top to open to take in some fresh air.

The trailer’s original purpose was for RM’s side business of laser etching. It normally sits idle in our driveway used more like an ancillary shop than meant for towing. The girls and he agreed several months ago to clean out the trailer, paint the inside, decorate, and update with home furnishings such as areas to prepare food and sleep in anticipation of a sister road trip to the Grand Canyon this June.  And they are just about ready to take off if these last little “hiccups” can get resolved.

So stocked up with snacks, water, camp oven, first aid kit, maps, bug spray, three debit cards, and each other, they will soon be off on their grand adventure.  Pray for me and them..and RM most of all.




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