Raising Mindful Girls

Raising Mindful Girls


my girls
Marshall Girls at Hauck home site

My girls are grown and in their 20s. I no longer have to worry if we were good parents, now I can look at the girls and see the results. Our goal was to raise happy and well-adjusted kids with good hearts and giving souls. And we achieved our goal twice over. Their stories are still being written but so far they are all working in non-profit fields in social services and education; giving back to others.  People keep telling us that our daughters are amazing. They’re just regular people but we agree, they are amazing. They’re not curing cancer in the basement, they’re not star athletes, they’ve never won lots of fabulous prizes (well a few!), they’re just living their lives, seeking joy and fulfillment in life’s simple pleasures. They are very mindful to how fast lives go by even if they are only in your 20’s.

The three C’s are planning their second “sister trip” in June.  The last trip was to explore Gettysburg and home sites back east to document family history on both sides of our family. This second trip, they are camping across the southwest with the final destination the Grand Canyon.  Camping for the first time, together,  will either bring them even closer or totally destroy their sisterhood bond.

my girls 2
Niagara Falls

My girls, while similar in values, are so different in personalities and interests.They broke the mold after each one was born. I think they did this to carve out their unique place in our family tree and to avoid too much comparison or maybe just to survive.  But they all have the following traits:

  • Emotional Intelligence — they know how to communicate and express their feelings in a positive manner.
  • Resiliency – they are problem-solvers and understand consequences.
  • Curiosity – they ask questions, so many when they were young, and they are good at finding out how things work.
  • Positivity – while they make mistakes, they understand that mistakes are a part of life and try again.
  • Confidence – they believe they can do it, whatever IT is.  And they grow more confident every day.

So after a week full of protests about bathroom rights, civil liberties, politics at its worst, I reflect on my daughters and how AMAZING they are each and every day living on planet Earth.  From me, they caught the travel bug which plays out in detailed action steps to always, I mean ALWAYS,  have a trip on the horizon and a bag packed for an unexpected opportunity to explore the world or our own backyard. To the girls.

my girls 3
They are funny too




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