Dice Game

Dice Game


dice gameSince August when I made the Blue Zone Pledge to get active, one of my commitments was to hire a personal trainer. Since then, the Mindful Mule, Jenny, has me on the move three times a week.  This last week, we played the dice game for 20 minutes during our 45 minute session.

Here is how it works.  You need two regular dice. Write two columns on a piece of paper of possible exercises to complete and the duration of each.  Example:  50 mountain climbers or 20 kettle ball swings.  She wrote six exercises in each column for a total of 12.  We then placed all the equipment around the gym so it was ready for me to use immediately.  If you don’t have equipment, just pick exercises that require stuff you have around the house like canned goods or a chair or just you and your incredible body.

Then it was my turn to roll the dice.  The first dice is for column 1 and the second one is for column two.  Whatever number comes up on the dice it is then associated with the number and exercise on the paper. Then, you complete the exercises, and roll the dice again.  You repeat this pattern for whatever time you can commit.  After 20 minutes, I was good and sweaty and I didn’t realize the time had passed so quickly.  For some reason, I kept getting high rollers so I did lots of mountain climbers (150 to be exact) and burpees (40).  Why can’t I roll like that when I play Yahtzee? This would be a fun game to play with kids.  You could list items like 20 jump rope crossovers, 10 hops, 5 cartwheels, 25 basketball tosses just for examples to help get your kids active too.  Play along with them. Have you tried to jump rope, hop, or do jumping jacks lately?  Harder to do when you are over 50 than you think especially if you have been inactive recently.  Recently, I just tried to walk on a low beam and found it challenging.  I whipped up on that in 3rd grade but now, I can get across it with a lot of concentration.

Working out is paying off in so many ways.  On Saturday and Sunday, I worked in my garden getting it spruced up a bit and didn’t get tired at all.  I hauled 40 pound bags of dirt and potting soil back and forth from the front of the house to the back, weeded five flower beds, used the weed wacker to edge around all the beds, planted $150 worth of new plants, repotted 3 large Boston ferns, watered everything in time for the rain Sunday night, without any residual soreness this morning. Regular core, arm and leg training combined with cardio has been truly transformational for my body, spirit and peace of mind.


One thought on “Dice Game

  1. Wooho! Tracy, you are so bad@%#! That game is fun and IS a great for friday family time fitness! People need to get out of the screens and back in each others faces. Thanks for sharing and I want to come see the new and improved Marshall gardens sometime.

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