Screen Porch

Screen Porch

It’s hard to survive in the South without an outdoor room.  I was such a tomboy growing up and being outside was a huge part of my childhood.  I still love the outdoors.  Fresh air, blue skies, sunshine, green grass and trees….  the rapid fire of nail guns and noisy roofers. This is a little joke (did you LOL, Ashlanders?) as this month in north Texas everyone is getting a new roof due to a recent series of damaging hail storms. Our block, on Ashland, was hit hard and as a result, the roof repairs began in earnest this week.

My grandparents, living in Washington State, in the 1960’s, had a screened porch on the back of their house on Lake Quinault and I have such fond memories of sleeping on the porch with my siblings and cousins.  It was like camping in the rain forest but better because we had real beds and protection from the rainy weather, bugs and other critters.  In my family home in Kansas we had a screened porch off the side of the second floor of the house on Main Street.  In the winter, we put up storm windows but in the summer we could open up the all the windows and let the breezes come in.  It made sleeping inside during the hot summer months bearable before we had central air conditioning installed.

So, when we started remodeling our home on Ashland, I always knew that part of the plan would be to have a screen porch.  It took nearly twenty years but during our last large remodeling project, we added a sunroom and off of it a screen porch.  The sunroom and the porch are my terrain.  We have a little table out there to eat (no more than four folks will fit), the bbq is within easy reach, there is a twin bed for napping or reading a book, and a few knick knacks and plants.  It is hard-wired for electricity and has a ceiling fan to keep the breezes flowing.  This year, RM added a wind chime and plans to add sliding screen barn doors on one side to make access to our hot tub even easier.

It is my little piece of Shangri-La on Ashland.  Come over and sit awhile.



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