Low Maintenance Women

Low Maintenance Women



Billy Crystal in “When Harry Met Sally,” talked about relationships that require too much upkeep and never work out in the end. (And, yes, men fall into these categories, too.)

“You’ve got your high maintenance chicks and your low maintenance chicks,” he told Meg Ryan. “And you are definitely high maintenance.”

Low maintenance women are the ones who can take more than a few potholes. We don’t cry when our hair gets messed up or freak out because it’s raining. We don’t need 40 minutes to get ready for a 20 minute outing.  Clues you’re low maintenance.

  1. You gas your own vehicle up every time and take it in for maintenance checks.
  2. When you have a runny nose, you will use a piece of paper towel if a tissue isn’t handy.
  3. You skip the manicure because you need your hands for gardening and other chores. Dirt don’t hurt.
  4. You own your own dolly.
  5. You are not too proud, in a pinch, to get your hair done at a Super Cuts.
  6. You love it when he brings you flowers from Trader Joes — isn’t that sweet!?
  7. When he asks you how your day was at work, you say,”great” and move on from there.
  8. You are careful with your money and invest for your future.
  9. You save your tears for the really important moments.
  10. You cut people some slack most of the time.
  11. Your idea of a fun date is a muffeletta at Jason’s Deli and stroll in the Botanic Gardens.  He does need to hold your hand on several occasions or he is in deep SH–.
  12. You are ready to go when it is time to go.  You don’t want to miss out on the fun.
  13. You repeat outfits — black pants anyone?
  14. You have a panic attack if you are asked to enter a Sephora.
  15. Hair products? What are those?



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