Long Walks in the Fort

Long Walks in the Fort


I love to take long walks especially in the early morning.  During the week-day, I walk on my neighborhood school track because it is expedient located only three short blocks from my home on Ashland.  The track is sympathetic to older joints too as it is covered with a synthetic rubber that is easy on the knees.  On the week-end, I like to mix it up a bit.  I walk around my neighborhood in the cultural district.  Last week-end, I walked down to the Stock Show grounds and strolled around the perimeter just checking out all the sights and smells.  In Fort Worth, we host the Stock Show and Rodeo every year around this time.  If you haven’t yet checked it out this year, this week-end will be the perfect weather to attend.  It is LEGENDARY and this year is the 120th anniversary.


Another favorite walking place is along the Trinity River on the Trinity Trails system of about 40 miles of hike-and-bike paved paths with views of downtown Fort Worth skyscrapers and plenty of flat, sunny trails that winds all along the West Fort of the Trinity River.  If I walk down Rivercrest from my house, cross White Settlement and head into the neighborhood, I can reach the trail system and not have to drive my car and find parking. You do have to watch out for the bikes on the busier sections of this popular urban trail system so sometimes I like to find trails off the beaten path.

Fort Worth Nature Center has some nice trails.  I have enjoyed hiking at Cedar Hill State Park as long as RM walks in front of me and knocks down all the creepy cobwebs.  You know you are on a little used trail when this happens to you.  Horseshoe Trail along Lake Grapevine is a nice place to spend an hour or two.  There is nice trail system in Euless called the Bear Creek-Bob Eden Trail that will give you a good workout.  And of course, we can’t leave out River Legacy Park in Arlington.  If you want to find out about all the trail system in our community, check out 60 Hikes within 60 Miles Dallas/Fort Worth by Joanie Sanchez.  I bought my copy at Backwoods.


This week-end promises to be beautiful in the Fort so hope you can find some time to get outside, put on your walking shoes and enjoy our vibrant city.










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