Pom Poms are Festive and Therapeutic

Pom Poms are Festive and Therapeutic

Since we are empty nesters now, I have time to do more arts and crafts which brings me great pleasure especially during the holiday season.   I now have a craft room (C1’s old bedroom) which makes crafting even more of a luxurious “me time”.  RM pokes fun at me from his perspective of my simpleton projects in comparison to his complex masterpieces.  If the project doesn’t involve wood, power tools and a laser he considers it a bit irrelevant. So when I spent several evenings making 50 plus pom poms, you can imagine the comments I received from the peanut gallery.

So what? I am not too high brow to enjoy doing repetitive and relatively simple tasks from time to time especially if there is not a deadline.  I find it very relaxing and therapeutic.  C2 tells me this experience is called mindfulness therapy by mental health professionals. The wrapping and cutting involved in making pom poms certainly allows me to be open to the present, living in the moment, while making something fun and festive for the presents we are decorating during this hectic holiday season.  It is a great project to do while catching up on the Great British Bake Off on the telly as well. Can you say, Bake?

To make professional pom poms, I ordered a Clover Pom Pom Maker from Amazon Prime.  You will also need a really good pair of sharp scissors and pretty yarn.  I bought the yarn and wrapping paper at Michael’s sticking with a solid wrapping paper and a multi-colored yarn pattern for all the gifts so they have a colorful and cohesive look under the tree.


Below is a link to a simple tutorial to make the pom poms because just by looking at the Clover Pom Pom Maker you will have no idea how to proceed at least I didn’t without some help from YouTube.  YouTube is so great for learning and relearning how to do projects in “just in time” fashion.  After you make one pom pom, the rest are completed the same way just different sizes depending on which maker you purchase. You can soon escape into crafting heaven very quickly without any frustration with the mechanics of the project and left to your own creativity combining colors and patterns.

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