Tablescapes by Tracy

Tablescapes by Tracy


This is my first attempt at designing a tablescape for a large holiday party (not family).  The party was held at the posh Ashton Depot in Fort Worth. The place is so beautiful, we really didn’t need table decorations.

The holiday party, a celebration with women leaders in Fort Worth,  is held every year in December on a limited budget by a local nonprofit.  We don’t have money to burn on flowers so I volunteered this year to do it myself. Last year, a friend helped me out so I learned a few tricks from her to give me the confidence to go it alone this year.

The first smart thing I did was start early designing the flower arrangements. I test drove my concept at Thanksgiving so we would have something lovely on our table on Ashland.  I found the round glass container I liked at Michaels for less than $4 and bought all nine that they had in stock.   I knew I would need at least 8 so I bought one more for good measure (breakage, miscalculation)  The flowers at Trader Joe’s are so reasonable in price at $3.99 each and I selected a bouquet there that had all the right shades of light green in the flowers and bunches of evergreen and natural elements.  The limes, I picked up at my favorite grocery for fresh fruit and vegetables, Fiesta, and scored a price of 10 for a buck.  The total cost of the arrangement was $9 each so the entire tablescape theme came in around $80 for a party of 70 guests plus.

Next time, I will wear rubber gloves while arranging because after cutting all the limes and then putting my hands in the water to line the limes up nicely along the sides of the bowl,  my fingers looked like prunes. Remember how your fingers looked as a kid after spending all day in the public swimming pool? That was me on Sunday night.  I took one for the team.  Go Team!

The Ashton provided the linens so we selected light green tablecloths with gold napkins. The centerpieces went well with the Ashton’s holiday wreaths  and the aroma of the limes floating in the vases was an unplanned benefit.

Here are the steps:

Add water to near the top of the vase and arrange the flowers cutting them short and just a little above the lip of the container.  You want guests to be able to see over the flowers when they are seated.

Slice limes to insert around the inside of the container using the stems of the flowers to support them flat against the side of the vase.  It takes about 4 limes per container.  All of these steps took me about an hour to complete nine bouquets.

We transported the nine flower arrangements nesting them in a roasting pan and a large cake pan in the back seat of RM’s truck.  My friend, thank you friend,  road shotgun to make sure they didn’t slide and slosh around too much.

We placed the arrangements on each table and added two limes beside them for a finishing touch.  I thought about adding a ribbon but opted for the more natural look.  What do you think?  “Festive and frugal just the way I like it” says this novice florist.




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