Sound of a City

Sound of a City

All cities have sounds. Each one with a unique beat,  Urgent. Shrill. Soothing. While visiting a city,  I listen for a sound that is special to the place, often repeating, and one that I will remember when I get back home.  Often the sound is heard in the quiet of the early morning when you wake up but you’re not quite ready yet to open your eyes to start the day.  Here’s a start to a list of cities and matching sound effects from my travels and memories:

Toluca, Mexico:  Cathedral bells

Seattle, Washington:  Rain

Paris, France:  Putt-putt sound of the tiny green street sweeper trucks

New York, New York:  Sirens and car horns (correction:  taxi cab horns)

Chicago, ILL:  Ambient white noise and the famous L sound if near the tracks

Vancouver, B.C.:  Ship horns

London:  Three different siren sounds and birds squawking

Fort Worth:  Trains squealing

Charleston, S.C.;  Back up beepers on trash trucks, clopping of horse hooves on brick

Berlin, Germany:  Scary siren sounds you remember from old war movies

Florence, Italy:  Evening church bells from the Medici Chapel

Munich, Germany:  Cuckoo bells and music everywhere

Portland, OR:  “Ding-Ding goes the bicycle bells, or the rider shouts “on the left”

Boston, Mass:  Car horns, lots of long car blasts

Los Angeles, CA:  Ocean waves

Do you have any you would like to add to my list?  Please share

street sweeper
Paris street sweeper

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