Pineda Covalín: A Mexican Fashion House discovered at the Mexico City Airport

Pineda Covalín: A Mexican Fashion House discovered at the Mexico City Airport

This is the pattern for my scarf — there is a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary just a bit from Toluca.

This brand was created by Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalín. Cristina Pineda has a bachelor in textile design and also has a masters in art history and graduate studies in managing strategies from the Monterrey Institute of Technology. Visiting Toluca, Mexico, last week, I had the chance to attend a workshop at the Monterrey Institute of Technology branch in Toluca and explore issues important to women including reproductive and breast health, gender equality, and violence prevention.  We studied and collaborated by day and checked out many cultural and historical sites in the late afternoon and evening.  The community was celebrating the Dia de los Muertos with a colorful and memorable festival and celebration of life and we found ourselves right in the middle of it.  We so enjoyed the music, the food, the warmth of the women from Toluca and forming endearing relationships between Toluca and Fort Worth women.

While I did considerable shopping for gifts for the holidays for my brood of family and friends, in the airport, I discovered a shop with designs that made my heart sing.  I brought back a silk scarf and a necklace to commemorate a once in a lifetime trip with memories made with my daughter and my dear friends made both through Women’s Policy Forum as well as Sister Cities International. To my surprise, I found out that we are able to order their fashions online in the US so wanted to share the link and my new secret passion with you!



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