Lemons and clementines — preserved.

Lemons and clementines — preserved.

Last winter, I bought a jar of preserved lemons for about $5.00 at Central Market to add to my chicken tangine that was on my menu for a special dinner for friends.  The lemons really made the dish along with the fresh herbs and spices and really good green olives but I thought the price tag for the lemons outrageous.  This summer, I had a bowl of lemons and clementines just ripe for making preserved lemons and clementines.


I first cut the fruit into quarters, plopped them into a dutch oven and boil in water until soft about 20 minutes.  It’s smells like heaven.

lemons boiling

Then, I let them cool and removed as many of the seeds as possible, drained the liquid and saved the juice for packing the fruit  in the jars.  I added a generous amount of kosher salt — rubbing it into the flesh of the fruit.  I gave the mixture a squirt of agave nectar just for a bit of sweet and packed the medley into well sterilized canning jars.  I lowered the jars into my pasta basket into boiling water and allowed it to “cook” for 45 minutes.  I removed them, allowed to cool, and put a cute tag on them to remind me when they were canned and to share with friends.   They make a really special hostess gift.  I love hostess gifts! The jars are now in my dark pantry percolating in wait for a cold winter night and another feast of chicken tangine or as a special home-made gift for a deserving friend.  Recipe for chicken tangine follows below.  I don’t own a tangine, I just use a big pot.

canning lemons
Aren’t they pretty? I even found tags with lemons on them on the sale shelf at World Market.



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