Today,  we have a ham in the crock pot (no oven is on in Texas in the summer) with habanero jelly, pineapple and real maple syrup along with spicy mustard jubilee and it is bubbling away in the kitchen.  Naan yeast bread is rising and the house smells real good.  Ham remind me of Kansas.  While ham wasn’t something my mother loved to prepare, my crazy aunties on the Murrison clan (Scots) loved the stuff.  Ham was on the menu at every Sunday lunch, every funeral dinner, every picnic, every birthday party with the Murrison sisters– all seven of them.  Flora, Gertude, Katherine, Leo, Mary, Esther, and Effie.  Which is why my mother was done with ham by the time I discovered it at my first Murrison gathering that I remember.  I was in fourth grade, my grandpa had died, and the crazy aunties came to support their sister (the widow) and her offspring (my family).  We had ham, biscuits, green beans, congealed salads of a variety, potatoes (scalloped) and pie.  Lots of hot coffee and iced tea.  This buffet heals all wounds both physical and emotional.  But to eat this type of meal on a regular basis would require you to be a farmer, a ranch hand or an Olympic swimmer.  Which I am not.  So tonight’s meal will be ham with blueberry sauce, naan bread and a leafy green salad and no dessert but I do believe I am channeling my crazy aunties and their love of Ham I Am …may they rest in peace.  


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