The Stone House

The Stone House


My fifth great-grandfather, George Christian Spangler was born in Prussia in 1728 and immigrated to the United States from Amsterdam, Holland,  to Philadelphia around 1749 and settled in Brush Valley near Rebersburg, Pennsylvania with his sons and wife.  He was of Lutheran faith but in 1806 he united with the Evangelical Association, in which he was a leader.  He was a man with strong religious and political convictions. He donated the lumber from his timber tract to build the Evangelical Church in Rebersburg which is now the United Methodist church.  His son, Christopher Spangler, was born in 1766 and died in 1855.

girls at spangler stone house
Cydney, Chloe and Chelsea in front of the Stone House, Rebersburg, PA 2015. Originally built in 1805.

Christopher and his wife had 10 children, one child tragically died in a water trough at home, and built the Stone House associated with my family for generations – see picture above.  The house was built in 1805 of lime stones quarried on the farm.  At the time it was one of the best buildings in Brush Valley.  In addition, to the house a fort was built for protection against “marauding bands of Indians, who at the time were mainly in western Pennsylvania.”

Christopher had a son named Jonathan Sr., in 1803 who lived until 1888, who with his wife Catharine Maize farmed the homestead and lived in the Stone House with their 10 children for many years.

jonthan spangler
J. Christopher Spangler

This couple had a son, Jonathan Jr., born in 1842 who married Sarah Condo and they had six children born in the Stone House. He died in 1920. The house was finally deeded in 1938 to Alma Haines for a sum of $2,200 to clear the mortgage and has since been owned by several different families all trying to keep up with the extensive repairs needed.

spangler jr
Johnathan Jr. (Brother to Simon Mace Spangler)

Jonathan Jr.’s brother, Simon Mace Spangler, is my 2nd great-grandfather, ran away from the Stone House in 1861 to serve eventually as a Lieutenant Colonel n the 148th Pennsylvania Volunteers.  Our girls were able to find monuments at Gettysburg in honor of the volunteer’s service during the Civil War.  After the war he returned to Rebersbugh and married Mary Ann “Polly” Taylor and they had seven children. Simon owned a farm in Rebersburg for many years.

Spangler Spring
Chloe and Cydney at Spangler Springs, Gettysburg, PA

After years of family discord with some of his family, Simon brought his family west to Kansas leaving the Stone House and his farm behind, in 1878,  with 50 families from Rebersburg area. In this group were Stovers, Rossman, Snavely, Miller, and Corman along with my ancestors who settled and started their live anew in Newton, Kansas.  Simon led out his life as a farmer and community-minded citizen surrounded by his daughters and his sons in his last years.

spangler family
Back from Left: Jennie Spangler, Verna Spangler, Lida Spangler From from Left: Simon Spangler, Almeda Spangler, and Mary Taylor Spangler

My great-grandmother is Simon’s daughter, Mary  “Almeda” Spangler, who married  John Edward Hauck, which started the Hauck Family Limb of our Family Tree. A house is just a house unless there is love.  Godspeed Stone House.


5 thoughts on “The Stone House

  1. Jonathan Spangler is my great, great grandfather. His son Charles is my great grandfather. I just visited the old stone house last week! I was very excited to see your blog when I searched his name.

  2. Matilda Spangler (second child and oldest daughter of Christopher & Catherine) was my third great grand mother – she married George Dauberman and lived in Kane County, IL. I haven’t been to the old stone house yet but definitely will!

  3. Just came across your blog while searching the Spanglers online. George Christian Spangler is my 7th great grandfather. I descend from his daughter Margaret who married Francis Gramley. I just visited Rebersburg yesterday. 🙂

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