Fiction Men Love

Fiction Men Love

RM doesn’t sit still long enough to read very many novels and when he settles in for recreational reading (car and airplane rides), it’s usually nonfiction or a manual.  We bought him the new book by David McCullough, The Wright Brothers, for Father’s Day.  I recently took an informal poll of my male family members and friends and came up with a list of their favorite all time novels to share with you. Believe me, getting these guys to suggest favorite novels or “literature” was like pulling teeth.  Here goes a list of their favorites in no particular order:

  1. Hobbit
  2. Robinson Crusoe
  3. Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  4. Count of Monte Cristo
  5. The Last of the Mohicans
  6. Slaughterhouse Five
  7. The Call of the Wild
  8. Lonesome Dove
  9. Master and Commander
  10. Treasure Island
  11. Frankenstein
  12. Mary (Mashenka in Russian)

If you are not familiar with #12, please check it out as it sounds like a top read for lovers of literature.  Mashenka is written by Vladimir Nabokov, one of his earliest, set in Berlin in the 1920’s and accordingly to the reviewer, a “perfectly bittersweet story.”  I can’t resist reading it just to go down memory lane again about our recent trip to Germany.

Mashenka/Mary is only $4 on  -see link above.


Looking for a gift for a reader or foodie in your life?  Check out these wooden book blocks and wooden salt boxes.  These items will soon be featured on C1’s Of the Old School blog and vintage store:

Stay tuned for details about how to order.

Hope you find time for a good summer read.


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