How to Celebrate Your 5th Anniversary

How to Celebrate Your 5th Anniversary


Need an inspiration for an anniversary gift? We are the lucky neighbors to a couple who are celebrating their 5th Anniversary this week in the Fort and their last few days living on Ashland. We learned that the theme for the 5th wedding anniversary is wood. Of course, they both came to RM for ideas of what to give each other. They have lived through the noise of RM’s tools roaring away both early in the morning and late at night so they know he lives to design items from wood of any kind.  Give him a challenge to make anything from wood and he is your man.

The bride requested a map of the world to hang in her husband’s office. They plan to insert pins to mark the places they have traveled to together as a couple. RM made the wall map out of reclaimed wood and engraved the image of the world map onto the wood with his laser engraving machine. It turned out pretty awesome – see picture above. He also turned a salad bowl and engraved the date and year on the bottom to make a lasting memory for their family dinner table setting.

We will miss the Harris Family very much but we hope to continue to enjoy seeing their family grow and have them back on Ashland for our special outings (once a resident of Ashland, always a resident of Ashland) but just not right next door. Sigh. Happy Anniversary Matt and Molly and blessings on your new home.


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