King Arthur

King Arthur

RM and I are traveling to Vermont in late September.  Superfluously for the beauty of the autumnal leaves but for me the ultimate destination is King Arthur’s Vermont campus in Norwich, VT.  If you love to bake, you have heard of King Arthur Flour.  I plan to take a class at the Baking Education Center and check out the shop and cafe as well. All King Arthur flours are non-GMO, and are made to the highest standards in the industry.  You don’t have to go to Vermont to get their products, they have an extensive online store at or you will find their products locally here in the Fort at Target, Central Market, Fiesta and Tom Thumb.


King Arthur Flour Baker’s Store

Here is a link to a basic sandwich bread (never fail).

My tip is to use an instant read thermometer for the water as it should be at 105 degrees for the perfect temperature for activating the yeast.

Another reason to love King Arthur Flour is that their wheat comes from Kansas — my home state.  Check out this beautiful video about Kansas families and their homesteads of fifth generation farmers growing wheat for our consumption.  There is a reason this area is referred to as the bread basket.

Growing up in Kansas, my neighbor, Mrs. Newsom, who lived next door to us to the north on Main Street in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, produced in her home a radio show called The Market Basket.  Her husband, Trice, drove the school bus in his retirement years and they were both good friends with our family.  Whenever my mother and I would stop in for a visit, she offered hot coffee and a platter of cookies and I could eat as many as I could sneak by my mother.  They had a wonderful swing set in their back yard that they let me use whenever I wanted.  The swing was situated under a tall, shady tree and offered me respite when my house became overrun by rambunctious boys.  Mrs. Newsom’s radio hour included updates on the weather, the impact to crops, the market prices for the day, local church news and events, and interviews.  One time my Brownie Troop was part of the program and we sang patriotic songs on the 4th of July.  We packed into her studio (a bedroom off the living area) and sang our hearts out to our Barber County listeners.

So when we head to Vermont this fall, to King Arthur’s flagship store, we will remember the wheat and where it is grown.  In the heartland by generations of Kansans.

wheat 1


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