Ms. Marshall

Ms. Marshall

C3 graduates from college with a degree in math and a teaching certification with a contract to teach high school math classes in a northeast Kansas, large comprehensive high school. She is our third and last child to graduate from college. She will be working with students who struggle with math (90% of us) and are falling behind in classes in general. A perfect match for her as C3 loves a challenge and is prepared as possible through the U KAN Teach program at the University of Kansas.  She has received great preparation for this new role through many experiences and while it will not be without considerable ups and downs for a beginning teacher this next year, she is as ready as she will ever be due to the following oppotunities:

  • 10,000 hours of Math Blaster computer games in her early years
  • Months solving puzzles, crosswords, Suduko, and math problems
  • Above average math teachers beginning in pre-K
  • A few bad math teachers that taught her what not to do..remembering it
  • A father who encouraged her to love math and challenged her to love it as much as he does
  • A high school teacher who asked her to tutor a younger student who was struggling with Algebra
  • More math tutoring jobs and the students exceeded their own expectations and often her own
  • Student teaching beginning as a freshman at KU
  • Sponsoring and coaching clubs of kids including math clubs and athletics
  • Dealing with health challenges as a pre-teen and coming out a gazelle and stronger for the adversity
  • Teaching all grades of kids and taking rigorous high level math classes at KU
  • Attending and facilitating international students at Fort Worth Sister Cities International Leadership Academy
  • Student teaching math classes at two different large urban high schools
  • Student teaching in two Title I schools with great mentor teachers
  • Traveling with her grandparents as a young girl; her grandfather and many of her ancestors were educators
  • Traveling with youth through Alternative Breaks and Fort Worth Sister Cities
  • Volunteering with youth programs
  • Facilitating Alternative Break programs for others
  • A mom who understands terms like differentiated instruction, project based learning, manipulatives and a alphabet soup of education terminology and best practices and loves to give her untested ideas
  • Sisters who challenge her to meet high expectations of character and personal responsibility as well as a little bit of humility tossed in as well.  You get tough when you are the youngest and littlest.
  • To a village of family, friends and teachers along the way..THANK YOU for caring about Squirt so much over the years.

Let’s go do this thing called graduation.  We will see you on the hill.  Rock Chalk!

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