Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather


Stormy Weather, the song, is one of my favorites and I love, love how Lena Horne performed it.  According to Song Facts website, there are 300 published songs with a weather condition in the title.  This time of year, weather conditions are top of mind.  Last night was so scary for many of us in tornado alley but especially for our friends and family in the OKC area.  You all just can’t seem to get a break. Who gets 8 inches of rain in one day?  Not to mention the multiple tornadoes in an area that gets hit with spring storms every year.  We are hoping for clearer skies in the upcoming week but the prediction is for several more days of severe weather conditions.

So check your emergency preparation plan.  At my place of work, we call it Know the Plan.  Talk to your love ones about what you will do in the event of a storm and check out all the great new apps that help us monitor severe weather.  And download some of the 300 songs with weather themes to enjoy while you are hiding out in your safe place.  Some of my favorites are below.  Do you have a favorite that you sing when it rains?  Do you have a weather app you especially like?  Hopefully soon, we will have Blue Skies (yep, another one on the list).

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall — Bob Dylan

The Storm — Mumford and Sons

Bad Rain — Slash

Hold Back the Rain — Duran Duran

Rain — The Beatles


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