What type of person am I?

What type of person am I?

I am the type of person who….

goes around with my shirt tag out and you sweetly remind me to tuck it in or you do it for me

often loses one earring and most times when it is in my ear.  Earrings jump off me like rats abondoning a sinking ship

is too lazy to put those earring stops on the back of the earring so they don’t fall out

loses important items in a fairly clutter free home — sometimes for days, sometimes forever

makes three attempts to leave the house before backing out the driveway

always leaves some important item at home when traveling especially my cell phone and sunglasses

never remembers to charge my cell phone so it is dead when I really need it

is too impatient to blow dry or style my hair

can’t remember a person’s name five minutes after I meet him or her

can’t tell jokes because the punch line escapes me or I tell it badly (and friends are embarrassed for me)

cries when other people cry. Sometimes I cry harder than they do

falls off my heels with regularity

forgets to check my cell phone for missed calls or messages.  Sometimes for more than a day.

never hears my cell phone especially when I am expecting an important call

mails bills and forgets the stamp and it comes back postage due.  Yes, I am a person that occasionally mails a bill.

remembers  to pack a lunch but then leaves it on the front seat of my car only to discover it on my drive home at night

forgets to put the cap back after pumping gas and drives around with it hanging out and you have to honk and point to get my attention

messes up the queue especially at airports for reasons like trying to smuggle in a small jar of commemorative jelly from Mount Vernon or a fresh apple from France

responds with “you too” to the theatre cashier when she tells me to enjoy the show

always picks the line at the grocery store that is the slowest.  Actuallly, every line I pick is the slowest. Because someone just like me is messing up the queue.

If you can’t relate to any of these traits then we can’t be friends.


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