What makes us happy?

What makes us happy?

Is there a formula for a good life?  I think it is finding pleasure and lasting satisfaction in everyday activities.  Here are some activities that made me happy this week:

  1. Admiring my garden after a week of rain and cooler temperatures
  2. Shopping for snacks for the office that I know my colleagues will enjoy. Note that they love Star Burst and Jif to Go
  3. Morning walks
  4. Lunch with a new friend
  5. A sweet handwritten note received from my mother-in-law
  6. Arrival of a travel guidebook about Vermont Curiosities
  7. Trying out Curly’s coffee and sausage rolls
  8. Screen porch talks with RM
  9. Tons of birthday good wishes and plans for connecting with friends and family in the future and a homemade chocolate cake made with the loving hands of the best mate in the world!
  10. Lunch with Sofia and her friends from YWLA
  11. Problem solving at work
  12. A thoughtful gift in the mail
  13. Hearing rain on the roof
  14. Looking forward to a week-end at home on Ashland
  15. Making a “to-do” list
  16. Looking at old photographs and remembering
  17. Critical conversations and silly ones
  18. More rain
  19. Commiserating with a friend
  20. Cuddling up with a blanket and a good book



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