Ode to Milwaukee

Ode to Milwaukee

Oh sweet Cream City that resides above

You had us two at hello– pure Honeypie love.

You are everything we need or wanted for a long week-end treat

With you sweet destiny on our plate, we feel so darn complete.

My daughter and I love the feel of the lake effect on our neck It has a way of chilling us even in late April to heck.

North Point Lighthouse, the Brise Soleil, Pabst Mansion and the Riverwalk

All lived up to the hype of the MKE fast press talk.

Blue Man Group at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts

Followed by a late night stop at a brewery for a flight of six suds and savory cheese curd tarts.

Cheap sleeps at the Milwaukee Athletic Club

Was an ideal locale but too warm and noisy for us so a bit of a flub.

But the time spent catching up at the Garage, Leon’s and Grebe’s Bakery

Beat by far the hunt for the Bronze Fonz fakery.


Funky Brady Street, yuppy Third Ward and the enticing Milwaukee Public Market

Are all circled by chiming church bells, seagull calls and laughter from the sorority girls of Ole Marquette.

So cast your net wide of Forest Home and raise your steins high

To a Great Lake State and a fine, too quick time, sigh.

To a parting for now Mike and Cyd

We love you, soon to be homeowners and big kids!

(Written while waiting for our flight home from MKE to Love Field)


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