oh, bohemia!

oh, bohemia!

Plaid shirts and beards are now a fashion statement, referred to as the “lumbersexual-look.”  My mother called it bohemian. My brothers had this appearance back in  the1980’s… proof is this fabuloso photo.  We were all home for Christmas on Wisconsin Ave. in Holton, Kansas, that year. We were under 28 and finding our way.  I was just starting college and home for the school break.  How many pictures did we pose for on that neon green couch?  Neon was cool then and is back again as I wore my neon yellow jacket to work last week and my neon pink one the week prior.  With neon, you have to space out your wearings ’cause people notice.  My brothers were scruffy but clean, yes, in this line-up?  If you are going with untidy, you must be clean.  The bohemian look has resurfaced again in today’s culture especially at Apple Stores and in coffee shops. Not sure if the wide suspenders have made a come back but why not?  My father, called it the “jesus-look”.  Nice coming from a church deacon.

Ed, Tom, Mike and Blogger in 1980

I married one as well.  How do you know if your mate leans this way?  Below are some clues:

1.  Loves Ron Swanson

2.  His drink of choice is a neat glass of scotch and if he has a beer it must be craft and in a glass

3. He wears a lot of flannel

4.  Uses a circular saw

5.  Cooks with local ingredients and grows his own herbs and vegetables

6. Wears a mix of Land’s End, LL Bean and Carhartt

7. Has a beard…duh!

8.  He romanticizes EVERYTHING

9. He looks rustic enough to come from a small town in the Midwest but is willing to navigate a city

10.  Likes the outdoors as long as he has wireless access at all times

The Bavarian and Blogger

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