Everything I ate in Germany was the size of my Head

Everything I ate in Germany was the size of my Head

Everything in Texas is bigger except for the food I ate in Germany.  Everything I chowed on in Deutchland was the size of my head including the liter sized stein’s of beer we quaffed in the Biergartens of Munich. In both Berlin and Munich we learned about pork knuckle which is a Fred Flintstone’s size piece of carnivore served bone-in and snarfed by their mostly male, adolescent German consumers.

At nearly every restaurant, we witnessed softball-size Knodel, which are large dumplings made of potatoes but also of wheat, semolina and even liver; baseball sized dumplings called Klosse.  Last night, while dining at a lovely, upscale restaurant in Munich, I ordered a vegetarian meal of spinich dumplings in tomato sauce.  I had dined on meat three meals in a row including liverwust, sausage and salami so my colon was in need of some veggies. Much to my surprise, the dumplings, four of them the size of tennis balls, arrived in a pool of sauce and were topped with shaved, peppery Parmesan cheese.  Unexpectantly light as air and the marinara sauce was sublime.  RM ordered ox, very tender and beefy, with a rich, brown butter sauce served with fresh green beans and cherry tomatoes.  We shared a dessert of white mousse with sour cherries and strawberries from the nearby market combined with a strong aperitif of snaupps.  Fire in the hole!



Trains are our joy and our menace.  We never seem to get the gate correct, the ticketing or the arrival and departure routine down but we love the old fashioned nature of the mode of transport and their is plenty of leg room and space to sit back and watch the breath-taking scenery go by.  We saw the Danube, the Mosel and the edge of the Black Forest on our trip today to Trier.  We were welcomed by our hosts, the Masfelders, upon arrival in Trier and look forward to a wonderful final few days in Germany celebrating friendship across the continents.


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