Two Year Anniversary

Two Year Anniversary

I have been blogging on WordPress for two years now.  This will be my 160th post.  Are you tired of me darling?

l have learned so much about my family’s history in the process of blogging as well as the pleasure of documenting stories from my Kansas childhood, tales of raising my three children, sharing my love of food and travel, hosting guests and living on Ashland — the best block in the world.  And of course, my life with RM. Today, I was planning to blog about the Cowtown 5K as I had signed up for Team FWISD with my workmates but the Fort has been hit with a unusual late snowfall of two inches which has brought this berg to a standstill and the cancellation of the run/walk this morning.

This week’s snowfall is a record  breaker for us so we are all a bit stunned by the chain of weather events this week.  Sleet, snow, freezing rain, thunderstorms, an earthquake, and pebble ice are just a few of the weather happenings in Texas that have resulted in school closings, rescheduling of events, late business openings and general chaos. The weather newscasters are exhausted and so are we from listening to their dire, unpredictable forecasts.  RM calls these days “closed in days” and while they are fun for a day or two, we in Texas are addicted to our sunshine and free rein.  We know we have it so much easier than you people of the north (any state geographically located above Texas) and we could take some survival lessons from you.

Texans are not prepared for winter weather and we need to wise up a little as we learned the hard way this week.  I think we scared ourselves with our lack of preparation as we were suddenly stranded on freeways for hours, uncertain of viable routes home from work and filled with anxiety about our loved ones and their whereabouts.  For starters, we really need to invest in an ice scraper for clearing our car windshield. I saw proud Texans using brooms, old sweatshirts, plastic credit cards, car trash and their bare fingers to remove ice and snow from car windows this week.  Worse yet, I saw Texans driving their cars with their windshields still thick with ice; sticking their heads out open side windows for a good site line.

We also need to remember to place a few preparatory items in the trunk of our vehicles just in case we are stranded in a ditch or more likely, on an interstate that is backed up for miles.  If you live in the land of the north, you know before traveling far from home in the winter to throw in a blanket, an extra coat, bottles of water, granola bars, a small shovel, a flashlight, extra batteries, a power cord for your cell phone, a first aid kit, paper towels, jumper cables, and a small bag of sand.  These northerners even have chains for their tires and a tow rope in the trunk for self-preservation.  We also need to remember to keep our car tanks filled up so we don’t stall out during long traffic delays and cause even more traffic havoc and we must be mindful to keep the washer fluid topped off. RM keeps a gallon of the magical blue stuff in the garage for regular refills.

This week was one in which I wished we had more public transportation in the form of light rail and commuter trains as it is painfully obvious that our interstate system is no way to get around in a sleet and snow storm in Texas.  My prayer is that everyone got home safe yesterday after the unanticipated snow fall (wasn’t it beautiful?) and that you don’t have to drive anywhere until all of this melts (most hopefully, later today).  Stay safe and thank you for following along.


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