First Valentine’s Date as a Married Couple

First Valentine’s Date as a Married Couple

RM and I got hitched during one of the coldest winter’s in Kansas history. It was 12 degrees on January 7th; our wedding day. Two days later we headed west to the City of Angels where RM had his first full-time job as an aerospace engineer working in beautiful Burbank for the Lockheed Aeronautical firm known at the time as the site of the Skunk Works; where the U-2 and other top secret airplanes and early drones were designed. Our first Valentine’s dinner was celebrated at the legendary Castaways Restaurant in the hills overlooking a vast expanse of city lights. To two, slowly thawing and fresh, Midwestern transplants, this amazing view, surrounded by jade, palms and fruit trees, was paradise. We dined al fresco in a Polynesian-influenced space on fresh seafood–I had shrimp scampi-and we simply fell more in love with one another that evening.   It was the perfect place for two love birds, recently thrown from our familiar coop back home, to seal the commitment to make a new life for ourselves in our new home.  Last night, while dining together at Pacific Table, also al fresco with a warm heater nearby, these fond memories came tumbling back. We wondered if Castaways was still going strong? And to our surprise, after some quick hits on our i-phones, the answer was — yes. Castaways is celebrating more than 50 years in business.

The Castaway Restaurant and Banquet Center is located high in the Burbank hills overlooking De Bell Golf Course, with a breathtaking city view that is spectacular day or night. It is appropriately nicknamed “The Jewel on the Hill”. So if you want to go back in time, surrounded by the spirits of so many happy celebrations and times, take the winding road up to Castaways and tell someone that you love them more than the stars in the sky. They will cherish the sweet moment even thirty plus years later.

View over the San Fernando Valley from the deck of Castaway Restaurant, Burbank, CA

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