Pine cone picture frame ornaments, tags, or magnets

Pine cone picture frame ornaments, tags, or magnets


Repurpose pine cones from your holiday decorations and make your very own pine cone frame ornaments, tags or magnets. You could even add them as homemade touches to your family picture gallery wall.  I used sunflower ribbon to remind me of my birth state and it is a flower that makes me happy when I see it.  I just selected duplicate photos of my family that I have always cherished, cut them out using a circle pattern, glued card stock to the back, and then took pine cone pieces and hot glued them to the back all around the edge of the circle.  This took a little patience to get the pine cones pieces cut off the cone. A lot of pine cones you find today in decorations are synthetic but for this craft you need the real ones.  I glued a piece of ribbon to the back and then I cut a circle of felt and glued it to the back to cover up all of the ugly mess on the back of the ornament.  It could be a frame or whatever you decide to use it for.  They would make cute tags for a gift or a decoration for a upcoming graduation party or birthday.  I think the black and white ones looks very vintagey or would it be most vitagey?

Happy crafting.

I went to the local craft store yesterday during the rain and I have never seen the line so long at the check out counter.  I guess everyone had taken down the holiday decorations and were making something new to put in its place.

What are you crafting today?  I think we will take advantage of the beautiful day and get outside for a change.


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