Tips for hosting a household

Tips for hosting a household

Don’t use the coffee grinder before 8 a.m.

Instead wake guests up to the smell of bacon and biscuits.

Let them help you when they offer. Don’t get annoyed if they don’t because they are on vacation. If by the 3rd day they don’t, start making assignments and delegating tasks.

Have meals options in mind so you select one that is manageable with the varying plans for the day. Because plans will change and you want to be nimble. There is always good take-out options like Railhead, Central Market and Albertson’s Chicken.

Set up a dessert table and just add an item from time to time this week, You don’t need to make a dessert for every meal. Always offer fresh fruit.

Don’t let your guests get hangery (angry brought on by low blood sugar) so have soup and sandwiches on hand for easy prep and changing time zones.

Stock up on t.p., towels and other essentials including over the counter medicines. Out of town guests have to adjust to Texas weather and cuisine (the fried variety).

Offer gift wrap, tape, etc. because if you fly today it is easier to wrap presents at your final destination.

Display electronic device chargers in every room for easy access.

Offer your laundry facilities explicitly…show them how the washer and dryer works. Explain away the annoying squeaking dryer sounds–they didn’t break it, RM just hasn’t had time to fix it yet. Yes, it sounds like nails on a blackboard. Just turn up the holiday music.

Think casual meals like hot dog bar or small plates to mix it up a bit and keep your food prep costs down.

Keep the traditions but try to make them healthier. Choose real green beans instead of canned for GBC (green bean casserole) and add a leafy dark green salad to the menu.

Make sure you have a commode plunger on hand as Ashland plumbing is old school. Keep a light on. Let Kat out.

Make a memory and drink lots of water. To a healthy and happy holiday season!


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