Random thoughts about TV shows

Random thoughts about TV shows

Property Brothers remind me of my Dad and my nephew Chris–it’s in the eyes. Love the show because of it.

Did you know that Rusty Griswold is Leonard on Big Bang?

Giada and her cleavage moments on Food Network. Please put a top on that fits.

love Steve Hartman “On the road” series including the one about country music…http://www.cbsnews.com/news/teaching-my-kids-about-day-drinking-and-sunshine-and-whiskey/

Are you watching Peter Pan and snarking? Hope not as love the idea of live Tv.

If it is BBC and PBS I am watching..even if it is a beating.

Love David Frinfrock for weather but the poor man suffers from allergies and it is difficult for him to get through a forecast without a coughing gag. I live with a man that suffers the same malady so feel his pain for tissues, nose spray and meds.

Fox News is propaganda like Jon Stewart is comedy. Did you see Rosewater?

Benedict Cumberbatch. Enough said and watch anything he is in.

What is your favorite show this season? And you can’t say football, Texans.


3 thoughts on “Random thoughts about TV shows

  1. Have been enjoying the reasonably light crime drama, Forever. A tiny bit of supernatural and some very good performances, including Judd Hirsch. And Modern Family. Always Modern Family, which my husband lovingly refers to as “the hyena show” since I laugh like one when it’s on.

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