Reflections on Charleston

Reflections on Charleston

The history of the place is steep with dark memories…imagine the revolutionary and civil war major bloody battles fought at your door step as well as the legacy of slavery to bare self witness to each and every day.

There are lots of stories to share, some real and some imagined, about this place’s checkered past. I think more are true than false.

Images of pineapples and palmettos dance in our heads.

A slow pace to enjoy a hot cup of tea, a craft beer or a small batch bourbon (repeat).

Taste the salty oysters on the half shell, savor the hot, puff hush puppies with pecan butter, and don’t miss the grouper.

Sit by sea and take a turn on a swing. Double pump and feel the sea breeze on our skin.

Experience the rice plantation life including the naturalist gardens full of camellias, a single blue heron and an occasional hibernating crocodile warming on a rock. We missed the pesky mosquitoes since the temperatures are cooler. Most of the plantations burned down during the Civil War so the grounds are the real treasures.

Hold hands with a loved one as you stroll down busy Church or King Street. Stop to window shop, tour an historic home, or buy a trinket.

Peer over the intricate cast iron fences and gates of the church graveyards and reflect on the settlers that arrived in 1670 and settled Charles Town, in honor of King Charles II. Read headstones with old family names of Pinckney, Ryan and Calhoun.

Wonder why the dedicated street cleaner had to polish our little street at 5:30 a.m. every morning. We soon relaxed enough to roll over and go back to sleep until the sun came up a couple of hours later and the horse carriages began plopping by. Time to get up!

Thank you Charleston for a restful break and the time for thanksgiving in cities like this in America. Time to go home and get our little house on Ashland decorated for the holidays. The snow babies are tapping.

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