My favorite Thanksgiving

My favorite Thanksgiving

My favorite Thanksgiving was the year our very expensive, commercial grade, Vulcan stove decided not to work after an investment made in 1988 that nearly broke us. We both coveted this stove and saw it as the centerpiece to our home and growing nest. The thermostat went out in the beast while I was cooking our turkey dinner that year. RM’s parents were visiting from Kansas and we were in the early stages of remodeling our home on Ashland in FW, Texas after stints in the City of Angeles and Atlanta on the aerospace engineering junket. We had planned a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings but the oven refused to get hotter than 250 degrees. The beautiful turkey just stewed In it’s own bloody juice. RM frantically tried to fix it. Damn…appliance supply parts stores are not open on Thanksgiving day. C1 was a little tyke and was pumped up about the celebratory dinner and refused to consider bed without experiencing it first hand. I think she was two at the time. To get her to go to bed and take off her pretty dress, we forged on with the quasi feast including a Ritz cracker filled with peanut butter and a lighted birthday candle and green olives for the adults. We made a toast, she blew out the candle, gave her a huge hug, sent her to bed, and threw the turkey and fixings in the trash and had a great laugh. RM fixed the oven the next day and we lived to cook another day. Enjoy your family this holiday and remember that often the joy and love happens in the imperfect moments of time together sharing a common experience. Toast to a a great year of Thanksgiving with family, friends, and fellowship. Save the wishbone for me or the Ritz cracker.


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